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Protein Control supports infection prevention procedures and infection control procedures by thoroughly verifying the cleanliness of washing machines, dental and surgical equipment. The test detects protein residues left after improper cleaning. Simply dab a surface, activate the test, and if there is protein residue, the reagent will turn purple. The higher the degree of contamination, the faster and darker the purple will become. Protein Control quickly verifies equipment cleanliness, allowing immediate corrective action if necessary.


– Results in 15-30 minutes;
– Easy interpretation of color change;
– Single device;
– Pre-moistened swab helps sample collection;
– Low environmental impact devices are 100% recyclable;
– 18 months storage at room or refrigerated temperature (2-25 _BAR_ C)


Detects 3 μg of protein after incubation of 30 minutes at 37 μμμg C or 15 minutes at 55 μg C

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