Our products

Medical Packaging

Sterilization packaging: Rolls (flat, gusseted, TYVEK ), pouches (flat, gusseted, self-sealing, TYVEK, TNT, paper/paper) and sheets (TNT, crepe paper, SMS) for sterilization.

Chemical indicators

Temperature, pressure and time are the three basic parameters for sterilization. Bowie Dick test, Helix test, type 4 to type 6 chemical tests.

Biological indicators

BIO-CHECK biological systems are designed to verify the effectiveness of the sterilization cycle used. The different types of indicators are suitable for the various types of sterilization processes: STEAM, PLASMA, ETO.

Biological incubators

The incubators are made of high-quality materials and are easy to use. Available in standard vial incubation version and suitable for all vial types.

Adhesive tapes

Our adhesive tapes are suitable for packaging and closure of any type of packaging and to distinguish packages that have been processed from those not yet processed. Available with turning process indicator.

Washing control

Indicators for the control of working conditions in thermal disinfectors, for the monitoring of surfaces and for ultrasonic washing equipment.


Seals and labels for containers, labellers and labels, absorbent paper, containers, filters (paper, cotton, synthetic) and gloves, heat sealing machines, decontaminating and absorbent mats, packaging table and roll holder with cutter.