For STEAM & ETO sterilization

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The self-sealing pouches do not require the use of heat sealers because they are equipped with a non-toxic double-sided adhesive high adhesive resistant to sterilization cycles.
The pouches are equipped with “chevron” that allows a quick and perfect opening.


Technical characteristics

  • Printing takes place on the outer line to the useful space for sterilization along the welds between paper and film, in order to avoid ink migration on the product.
  • The transparent laminated film allows easy identification of the content.
  • The film is reinforced to prevent tearing of the plastic material during opening.
  • The triple welding line is equipped with a spacing and resistance to ensure a constant seal during sterilization and excellent peelability during opening without release of paper fibers or tears.
  • Process indicators for steam and EO



The bags are packed in boxes of 200 pieces together with the instructions for use.
The boxes are placed inside a packaging carton.


Pouches codes

BA6010060 x 100 mm3600 pcs200 pcs
BA752575 x 250 mm 1800 pcs200 pcs
BA9016590 x 165 mm 1800 pcs200 pcs
BA092590 x 250 mm 1800 pcs200 pcs
BA1335130 x 350 mm 1200 pcs200 pcs
BA1426140 x 260 mm1200 pcs200 pcs
BA1933190 x 330 mm1200 pcs200 pcs
BA1940190 x 400 mm1200 pcs200 pcs
BA3037300 x 370 mm800 pcs200 pcs
BA3045300 x 450 mm800 pcs200 pcs
BA3050300 x 500 mm800 pcs200 pcs

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