For STEAM & ETO sterilization

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Gussetted pouches are particularly suitable for packaging bulky objects. The opening “gussett” offers the operator the safety to adapt to his needs the product to be sterilized.
The pouches are equipped with “chevron” that allows a quick and perfect opening.

Technical characteristics

  • Printing takes place on the outer line to the useful space for sterilization along the welds between paper and film, in order to avoid ink migration on the product.
  • The transparent laminated film allows easy identification of the content.
  • The film is reinforced to prevent tearing of the plastic material during opening.
  • The triple welding line is equipped with a spacing and resistance to ensure a constant seal during sterilization and excellent peelability during opening without release of paper fibers or tears.
  • Process indicators for steam and EO.



Pouches are packed in plastic bags and placed inside a packaging carton.
Pouches are clamped every 250 pieces.


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