CARONTE – Biological incubator

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Caronte arises from the need to be able to sterilize several vials at the same time.

Its strong points are:

–  Maximum autonomy

–  Archive and export exams

–  Immediate and timely outcome

–  Certainty of the result

–  Fully touch screen

–  Great performance in small space

–  Intuitive and easy to use, after switching on you can already start using.

-It is possible to incubate up to 12 biological tests at the same time also of different types (*) and with independent stations that work simultaneously at different but constant temperatures.

– Rapid identification of biological indicators

–  Possibility to control the temperature of both benches through the practical thermometer.

–  No intervention by the CARONTE operator does not require checks or assistance

–  In full autonomy CARONTE with a sound warning indicates to the operator that the test has ended (possibility of exclusion or not of the sound warning)

–  Automatic printing of the result with immediate archiving

–  Extrapolate and import results via USB connection

–  CARONTE connects easily to the PC by interacting via a software (continuously updated) and an internal Wi-Fi

–  Computer software: can add or change operator name and sterilizer name

– By guaranteeing the optimal temperature conditions and the feeding of the biological spores during the whole duration of the incubation, CARONTE allows to reduce the necessary time to a minimum and ensures, thanks to the technology in use, a 100% safe result.

There are no similar devices.



BIO-CHECK 98.B4Steam60±2 °C24 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B1Steam60±2 °C1 ora
BIO-CHECK 98.B5Steam60±2 °C3 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B2EO37±2 °C48 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B3EO37±1 °C4 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B6Gas Plasma60±2 °C24 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B9Gas Plasma60±2 °C2 ore
BIO-CHECK 98.B7Formaldeide60±2 °C48 ore

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