VAPOR CONTROL Sterilization control integrator

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VAPOR CONTROL integrator is a single-use indicator for accurate control of the sterilization autoclave cycles at 121° and 134°. It is suitable for sterilization control of wrapped and non wrapped instruments, packages and other items. The three fundamental and critical factors for development of autoclave sterilization are:

  • Exposure time
  • Exposure temperature
  • Pressure in the presence of saturated steam

A successful sterilization is checked by an easy readout of the progress of a migrant bar enclosed inside a plate made up of a lamina in transparent plastic film and of a semi-rigid aluminum lamina, this expedient prevents accidental contact of the reagent with the contents of load:

  • Red area (REJECT): sterilization conditions not reached
  • Green area (ACCEPT): sterilization conditions reached

VAPOR CONTROL is available in two versions: VAPOR CONTROL and VAPOR CONTROL with Extender.
VAPOR CONTROL with Extender offers two additional benefits:

  • Allow to note date and batch of sterilization process.
  • It has a process indicator in the terminal part of the strip that shows immediately if the material has been processed or not.

VAPOR CONTROL complies to EN ISO 11140-1:2009 class 5.
VAPOR CONTROL (ref. VAPOR C): packs of 250 pieces.
VAPOR CONTROL Extender (ref. VAPOR C.EX): packs of 250 pieces.

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