EC. STEAM 98.4

STEAM sterilization control integrator – Type 4

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EC.STEAM 98.4 is a chemical indicator for steam sterilization in plastic board.
Printed with process indicator for steam cycles, covered with plastic film, reagent at temperature, water vapour and pressure over a period of time set by current legislation.
The indicator will give clear evidence of exposure to saturated steam sterilization cycle by turning from blue to black after 121 ºF/15 min and 134 ºF/5.3 min.


Technical characteristics

  • The indicators are completely plasticized in order to avoid ink migration on the product and keep the response obtained unchanged over time. Highly reliable and easy to use.
  • Chemical reagent non-toxic.
  • TYPE 4



Primary packaging: 250 pieces dispenser.
Secondary packaging: cardboard with 20 dispensers.

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