ETO Sterilization Control Integrator – Type 4

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EC.OXIDE 98.E1L is a chemical integrator for ETO sterilization in plastic card strip. The indicator will give clear evidence of exposure to the ETO sterilisation cycle by turning brown at these times: no more than 30 minutes at 30 ± 60% ± 10 of residual moisture and a concentration of 600 ± 30 mg/l ethylene oxide.


Technical characteristics

  • Printed with chemical indicator for ETO, reagent at temperature, ethylene oxide and relative humidity over a period of time established by current legislation.
  • The supplement is plasticized in order to prevent the possible release of ink on sterilized articles, with chemical reagent virante non-toxic.
  • TYPE 5



Primary packaging: 250 pieces dispenser.
Secondary packaging: cardboard with 30 dispensers.

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