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  • Air leaks inside the autoclave represent a serious threat for the validation of the sterilization process. However, this problem can be solved through the daily use
  • of the Bowie & Dick test pack, as provided by international standards in force.
  • Disposable pack for the daily Bowie & Dick test is suitable for the control of steam penetration and air removal from the autoclaves during steam sterilization.
  • Unlike traditional devices, the use of Bowie & Dick test pack offers consistent advantages that ensure the validation of each test and the immediate detection
  • of air removal during the sterilization.
  • Bowie & Dick test pack is a safe and reliable product.
  • It can immediately detect any problem occuring during the Bowie & Dick cycle.
  • Test sheet will remain flat after the sterilzation cycle.
  • External chemical indicator permits the prompt identification of processed packs.
  • The materials are full recyclable and the process indicator is non-toxic.
  • Full conformity to standards in force.
  • Easy-to-read test sheet clearly identifies failures and can be filed for record keeping.
  • 20 pcs/pack.

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