EC. STEAM 98.1-R

Bowie Dick test for autoclaves, reusable

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The Bowie & Dick test allows to verify the correct evacuation of air from the sterilization chamber and the complete penetration of steam in porous loads.
The Bowie & Dick test simulates the performance of the device and in particular evaluates:

  • the effectiveness of the preliminary vacuum, and therefore the penetration of steam inside the cavities;
  • temperature and saturated vapour pressure values during sterilisation.


Technical characteristics

  • EC.STEAM 98.1-R is a ready-to-use package for the uniform penetration control of steam and air removal inside the autoclaves.
  • The kit consists of: n. 25 cards with process indicator to detect the presence of steam and the its registration card on the back, no. 18 porous cards reusable 25 times, n. 1 useful sheet to monitor the number of uses.
  • EC.STEAM 98.1-R ready-to-use package requires steel basket stainless steel, supplied separately (REF: XEC-BASKET.STEAM98.1R)



Primary packaging: box containing n. 1 kit of 25 tests composed as mentioned above.
Secondary packaging: box containing n. 4 kits of 25 tests/each.

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