EC. STEAM 98.1/E

Bowie Dick test for autoclaves, in crepe paper

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The Bowie & Dick test allows to verify the correct evacuation of air from the sterilization chamber and the complete penetration of steam in porous loads.
The Bowie & Dick test simulates the performance of the device and in particular evaluates:

  • the effectiveness of the preliminary vacuum, and therefore the penetration of steam inside the cavities;
  • temperature and saturated vapour pressure values during sterilisation.


Technical characteristics

The Bowie Dick Test package is composed as follows:

  • an outer sheet of medical crepe paper printed with process indicator for steam cycles.
  • Inside the pack consists of two filtering states made with cellulose at the center of which is placed the board with the tack for the test of Bowie & Dick.
  • The packaging of the pack EC.STEAM 98.1/E guarantees a constant compactness to the whole pack, allowing the correct permeation of the steam through the pores of the paper itself and not the potential cracks that would form between the individual sheets that compose it.
  • All the material that makes up the package is suitable for medical use.
  • The package is provided externally with a process indicator that will turn to gray/ black after being processed, to identify the packages already processed by those not processed.



Primary packaging: Boxes of 20 pieces
Secondary packaging: cardboard containing 9 boxes of 20 pieces/each.

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