STEAM sterilization slide supplement – ​​Type 5

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VAPOR C, supplement for steam sterilization is designed to ensure the correctness of the parameters steam sterilization: time, temperature and saturated steam. It satisfies the need for a safe, immediate and unequivocal reading of the result for the steam cycle with exposure temperature to 121 ºC for 15 min. and 134 ºC for 3.5 min.


Technical characteristics

  • It’s composed of a strip of absorbent material and a pad of vapor and temperature sensitive chemical, wrapped in a wrapper of paper, plastic film and foil laminate.
  • In the sterilization process the chemical tablet dissolves migrating through a “window” where it is possible to read the result: reject (rejected) and accept (accepted).
  • TYPE 5


Primary packaging: 250 pieces dispenser.
Secondary packaging: 20 dispenser carton

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