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The package consists of a printed cardboard casing with process indicator, which makes the result intuitive and easy to analyze.

The dimensions are compact and reduced making the Bio-Pack comfortable and space-saving.

Inside the casing there is an appropriate registration card, equipped with a process indicator, all in order to record the result obtained – the card is easy to interpret and compile.

In all there are 4 indicators, which provide the guarantee of a triple control with only one product: 3 chemicals and 1 biological.

On each package there are instructions: intuitive and always present.

BIO-PACK 6FBiological package for steam sterilization without reference vial
BIO-PACK 6F 1/2Biological package for steam sterilization with 1 reference vial every two packs
BIO-PACK 6F 1/1Biological package for steam sterilization with reference vial each pack

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