Package ready for STEAM sterilization

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The BIO-PACK single-use biological package has been created to control steam sterilization cycles in autoclave.
The package consists of a printed cardboard casing with process indicator.


Technical characteristics

  • The inside of the package consists of filtering layers made of cellulose provided, in the central part, with a special housing in which is placed the biological indicator BIO-CHECK 98.B4.
  • Inside the casing there is an appropriate registration card, equipped with a process indicator, which can be taken after the cycle has taken place, and on which can be reported the salient data relating to the sterilization cycle carried out.



Boxes of 20 pieces.



BIO-PACK 6FDisposable biological package for steam autoclave tests without reference vial60±2 °C24 h
BIO-PACK 6F 1/1Disposable Biological Package for Steam Autoclave Testing with Reference Vial Each Pack60±2 °C24 h
BIO-PACK 6F 1/2Disposable biological package for steam autoclave tests with 2 reference vials each pack60±2 °C24 h/td>

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